Xiao Yao Dao (小腰刀)

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Yāodāo (腰刀) literally means "waist saber". It is a term used in the Qing dynasty to denote a type of dāo that was worn suspended from the waist, often as part of one's official or military attire. During the Qing, yāodāo (腰刀) and pèidāo (佩刀) were synonymous and in many cases used interchangeably. The term pèidāo is perhaps the more classy term of the two, seen primarily in court circles, while yāodāo was the term mostly used in state-produced regulations on arms maintenance and manufacture and of course by most Qing personnel themselves.

Yāodāo (腰刀) is typically about 3 feet long whereas this Xiǎo yāodāo (小腰刀) is about the length of a dagger.

Overall: 47cm
Blade Length: 30cm
Blade Steel: 1095 Carbon, Full Tang
Handle: 17cm
Hamon: None
Bo-hi?: None
Sharpened?: Yes
Ito & Sageo: Wood
Overall Weight: 900g
Blade Weight: 600g

*Display stand not included.

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