Mini Jungle Gurkha Kukri

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Mini Jungle is a basic knife with very simply features. It is one of the most common knives in Nepal that is in very good demand as a trekking and outdoor utility knife. Simple yet style of its own (traditional) makes the knife popular amongst the buyers and users. British Gurkhas who like to travel light or carry something easy yet equally effective also go for Mini Jungle Gurkha kukri for accomplishing their military training and exercises. Its an optional no.2 Gurkha knife that many Gurkha Soldiers prefer due to its light weight and handy size. Mini Jungles also make very good gifts and is a classic souvenir to take back home from Nepal. Boys and men, both, would get fond of the knife in no time.

Mini Jungle Gurkha kukri comes with a regular polished blade and polished Indian rosewood handle. The black normal (buffalo hide) leather scabbard is secured with brass tip and has two small accompanying knives; the Karda (small knife) and Chakmak (sharpener).

- Water buffalo leather scabbard
- Rosewood handle
- 2x Small knives

*Display stand not included.

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