Black Legion Dark Gladiator Twin Sword Set with Sheath

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Black Legion's "Dark Gladiator" Twin Sword Set includes two equally menacing black swords in one single potent set. Each boasts a razor sharp double-edged blade, made of strong 420 stainless steel and shrouded in a brooding nonreflective black coating. The blades' innovative profiles are a modern take on the iconic "gladius" wielded by gladiators and the throngs of battle-hardened soldiers in ancient Roman legions. Just the right balance, size and weight for simultaneous, one-in-each-hand use, both swords are pleasures to wield, thanks to comfortable, water-resistant black nylon cord-wrapped handles. The Dark Gladiator set includes a handy nylon sheath that protects both swords simultaneously. Sling it over your back or shoulder with the durable black nylon carrying strap for quick access and perpetual battle-readiness. If you don’t yet have a twin sword set in your collection, the Black Legion Dark Gladiator Set is a fierce yet affordable place to start. Even if your collection is brimming with swords, daggers and knives of all shapes and sizes, it just isn’t complete without the savage beauty of these potent black bladed gems.

Overall: 25" (63.5cm)
Blade Length: 18" (45.7cm)
Blade: 420 stainless steel, non-reflective black coating
Handle: Cord-wrapped

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