Timberline Series - Ghost 幽霊

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In a departure from convention, the Timberline Series boasts a blade crafted from the warmth of nature's embrace, drawing inspiration from the legendary Japanese swordsmiths and honouring a tradition steeped in honour and discipline. Despite lacking the cold, unyielding bite of steel, the blade's resilience, born of nature's bounty, becomes an extension of the wielder's spirit, embracing the fluidity of movement and the interconnectedness of all things.

In a world where tradition meets innovation, the Timberline Series stands as a symbol of adaptability and environmental respect—a marriage of tradition and innovation that transcends the boundaries of time and material. We invite all collectors to embrace the enduring artistry of the ages Timberline Series brings.


Overall: 103.5cm, 100cm without scabbard
Handle Length: 28cm
Blade Length: 72cm including habaki
Blade: Wooden
Handle: Cord-wrapped with faux rayskin
Scabbard: Wooden, lacquered
Fittings: Alloy Steel

*Display stand not included.

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