Hakanai (儚い) Tachi

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Ephemeral, transient and fleeting.

Cherry blossoms are an integral part of Japanese culture and hold a deep, multi-faceted significance. Their symbolism is often reflected in various aspects of Japanese life, including art, literature, and daily customs. In particular, they are related to Bushido, the traditional code of the samurai and represent certain aspects of the samurai way of life. 

Both emphasize transient and impermanent nature of life. Cherry blossoms bloom for a short time and then fall, symbolizing the fleeting nature of beauty and existence. Similarly, the samurai were taught to embrace the idea of impermanence, understanding that life and honour could be lost at any moment, and they should be prepared to face death with dignity. 

Cherry blossoms are celebrated for their simplicity and aesthetic beauty. This appreciation is also reflected in the samurai's way of life, which valued a minimalist approach to material possessions and emphasized the importance of mastering one's craft and inner qualities.

As such, cherry blossoms are sometimes used as a symbolic motif, underscoring the connection between the code of the samurai and the transient beauty of nature.

Overall: 101cm, 104cm with scabbard
Blade Length: 72cm
Handle Length: 29cm
Blade: 1045 carbon steel, handforged
Full Tang: Yes
Hamon?: Yes - faux
Bo-hi?: Yes
Handle: Hardwood, cord-wrapp
Scabbard: Hardwood
Fittings: Alloy

*Display stand not included

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Full Tang
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