6" Jungle (Sweet)

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This blade is basically used for jungle activities, therefore the specific name.
Its small handy size is the biggest asset of this kukri because carrying and using becomes very easy and swift plus one would feel more safe as far as using is concerned.

Short blade and light weight of the khukuri makes it handier to swing and cut compared to its larger counterparts.
Even though the blade is small it carries enough weight needed for cutting, chopping, clearing etc; a perfect piece of practical proceedings.

Highly recommended for camping and trekking, equally good for domestic work in and around oneís premises.
Materials / Features:
Water buffalo leather scabbard, rosewood handle

  • Blade Length: 15cm
  • Thickness: 7mm approx. 
  • Actual Weight: 235 grams 
  • Overall Weight: 300 grams
  • Function: Domestic Use, Gift, Indoor, Trekking 
  • Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal
  •  Blade Finishing: Polishïng
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