Ōken Katana 王権

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Historically, dragons have held a significant and revered place in Japanese culture, and this reverence extended to the Japanese imperial family. The association between dragons and the imperial family can be traced back to ancient times. Dragons, as symbols of power and wisdoms, were used to represent the authority of the Emperor and intertwined dragons could suggest the unity and harmony of the imperial couple, Emperor and Empress, and by extension, unity of the nation.

Intertwined dragons were prominently featured in imperial regalia and emblems. One of the most well-known examples of this is the chrysanthemum throne, a symbol of the Emperor's authority. The symbolism of intertwined dragons permeated various aspects of Japanese culture and tradition, reinforcing the reverence and significance of the imperial family in Japanese society.

Overall: 102cm, 105cm with scabbard
Blade Length: 72cm
Handle Length: 28cm
Blade: 1045 carbon steel, handforged
Hamon: No
Bo-hi: Yes
Handle: Hardwood, cord-wrapped
Scabbard: Hardwood, gloss lacquered

*Display stand not included.

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