Jisei Shirasaya 自制

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一、血気の勇を戒むること which can be translated to
"One, to be aware of the dangers of excessive courage or recklessness."

This is one of the five rules known as the Dōjō kun (道場訓). It is a set of guiding principles typically posted at the entrance to a dōjō outlining the behaviours that are expected and disallowed of practitioners.

This phrase emphasizes the importance of not letting boldness lead to thoughtless actions. One should be brave but also curb their courage with wisdom and mindfulness of the potential consequences of their actions. 


A shirasaya is a traditional Japanese sword mounting style that features a plain, unadorned wooden scabbard (saya) and handle (tsuka). Here are the important aspects of a shirasaya:

1. Minimalistic Design
2. Practicality
3. Natural Materials
4. Disassembly
5. Blade Visibility
6. Historical Significance: traditionally used during peacetime when the sword was not in active use. It was commonly employed for storage and preservation of the blade, making it an essential part of a samurai's equipment.
7. Modern Use: Today, shirasaya-style mountings are often favored by collectors, martial artists, and enthusiasts of Japanese swords. The simplicity and elegance of the shirasaya design appeal to those who appreciate the traditional craftsmanship and historical significance of the samurai sword.

Overall, the shirasaya represents a functional and aesthetically understated approach to sword mounting, allowing the beauty and importance of the blade to take center stage.

Overall: 101cm, 104cm with scabbard
Blade Length: 73cm
Handle Length: 28cm
Blade: 1045 carbon steel, two-tone
Bo-hi: No
Handle & Scabbard: Hardwood, Natural finish with engraving

*Display stand not included.

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