The Atayal Sword (泰雅刀)

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The Atayal Sword is a waist knife of the Atayal Aborigines of Taiwan. The shape is simple and practical. It is used for making traps, food preparation, and even self-defense fighting. The handle-less but safe design, the unique semi-open scabbard allows the blade to dry quickly in the wet and humid mountainous areas of Taiwan.

The scabbard of the Atayal knife has a unique shape. A rare single-sided scabbard is chiseled with a whole piece of wood. The sheath chamber is all exposed. There are several pairs of small holes and iron wires on the sides of the sheath to prevent the blade. It falls off after insertion. There are two pairs of large holes at the bottom of the sheath. The cord passes through the holes one by one, and finally knots at the take-up slot, which is used to fix the sheath to the waist for carrying. This unique design of the scabbard is due to the geographical environment of Taiwan. The back of the scabbard is carved and lacquered and decorated with boars, wild flowers, sika deer, and Deinagkistrodon snakes. It shows the true nature of the Atayal people who respect the world, respect food, and live in harmony with nature.

Overall: 75cm
Blade Length: 41cm
Handle Length: 17cm
Weight: 700g
Blade: High Carbon Steel
Hardness: HRC48-52

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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