Cold Steel Katana Bokken



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This improved Cold Steel Japanese Training Swords is closely modeled after the world-famous Warrior series swords. Featuring an intricately detailed imitation cord wrap grip - molded in high impact polypropylene - it offers superior grip and comfort as well as more realistic training potential for the modern Martial Artist.

 Hundreds of years ago, the Japanese discovered a truth; that to become a good swordsman you'll have to practice, a great deal. To become a great swordsman, you'll have to practice with a "live blade". And during the period between "good" and "great", you should spend your time building your skills and confidence enough to wield Katana safely and effectively.

 To accomplish this, the Japanese relied on a simple wooden sword called a "bokken" for much of their training. It was made from the super tough wood of the Japanese White Oak, a wood they called Kashi. The swords produced from this wood had the advantage of replicating the size, weight and feel of a steel sword, while minimizing the possibility of causing grievous or permanent injury to those who used it.


  •          Blade Length: 70cm (30")
  •          Overall: 105cm (41-1/2")
  •          Material: Polypropylene


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Cold Steel Katana Bokken

Cold Steel Katana Bokken

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