Practical Special Katana by Hanwei


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The Practical Special Katana is a subtly modified version of the Practical Katana, made in response to requests for a quicker sword at the same economy price.
The blade dimensions on this katana have been changed only slightly and the tsuba cutouts have been enlarged, and though this has resulted in a weight loss of
only 3 oz., the difference in handling is very noticeable. The Practical Katana will remain the standard for hard, regular cutting but for those needing a
faster draw, multiple cut katana at an economy price, the Special Katana is the answer.

Key Features:

High carbon forged blade
Differentially tempered
Quick blade

Overall: 39"
Blade Length: 27"
Handle Length: 11"
Weight: 2lb 4oz
Blade Steel: 1566

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Practical Special Katana by Hanwei

Practical Special Katana by Hanwei

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