Samura Damascus Chef's Starter Knife set


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This Samura set makes a gift that will be particularly appreciated by those experienced cooks who can see the difference between regular knives and Japanese knives, and who know the unique quality of Damascus steel. An anti-microbial steel bolster is another hygienic feature of these knives, which will prevent fingers from touching the food.

The set includes only the most essential kitchen appliances needed in any kitchen:

The Chef’s knife is primarily the most frequent and versatile tool in the kitchen.  It’s perfect for harder tasks, such as chopping, slicing, dicing or de-boning smaller cuts of meat. It’s also the number one must-have amongst men. This chef’s knife is thin and hard, which makes its performance even more remarkable than other knives in the same class.

The Utility knife has a smaller blade length than the chef’s knife. It’s ideal for everyday tasks, from cutting sandwiches to slicing small and medium-sized meat. The main distinctive feature is that it’s amazing for fine slicing, making perfect, even potato chips and preparing various ingredients for further cooking.

The Paring knife is the smallest in this Samura Damascus family series and it’s a great multipurpose knife for peeling, cutting, coring or cleaning fruits and vegetables. It can delicately deal even with juicy products, such as berries for instance, and cut them without smashing or squeezing.

Blade hardness: 61 HRC
Blade material: Hammered Damascus steel, VG-10
Handle material: G10
Number of layers: 67

* Local delivery takes about 2 weeks after purchase. Kindly purchase only if comfortable with it. SAMURA Knives are available at CAESARS Plaza Singapura for viewing.

About SAMURA -  A symbiosis of Japanese knife tradition and European reliability

The first product lines started in 2003 with the Japanese companies MAC and Mcusta.

The first line of ceramic knives were released in 2008 and SAMURA has been making its knives at production sites in four countries since 2010. Currently producing 18 knife lines and a huge number of kitchen accessories with at least creation of three new lines yearly.

Japanese philosophy and traditions run deep in SAMURA. SAMURA is absolutely sure that a Japanese knife cuts better than a European one. Japanese knives remain sharper and retain their edges longer but the weakness of many authentic Japanese knives are being too fragile and excessively hard. However,they require special care and can easily be damaged.They rust quickly, too, as they are made of high carbon steel.

 SAMURA did away with these shortcomings and keeping only the main thing — Japanese cutting performance. 4 years of experiments created SAMURA — a symbiosis of Japanese knife tradition and European reliability.

SAMURA knives are made from the best Japanese and Swedish steel, hardened to 58 - 61 HRC. The blades have a Japanese shape and fine taper from the spine, which gives them their fantastic cutting performance.

Sharpened at an angle of 17 degrees which is more than on normal Japanese knives, but less than on European knives.The best modern materials are used for the handle: Micarta, G10, stabilised wood, plastic with a soft-touch coating, Kraton, and composites. The production process is 90% manual labour and all SAMURA knives are sharpened by hand on whetstones.

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Samura Damascus Chef's Starter Knife set

Samura Damascus Chef's Starter Knife set

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