Limited Edition Zen by CAESARS


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Zen by CAESARS is an exquisite limited-edition katana with a mere circulation of 25 pieces designed and produced by CAESARS. It embodies the ideals of purity and serenity.

The kashira (頭) and menuki (目貫) features an auspicious frog (蛙), symbolising an abundance of wealth and good luck. It is also a homonym for “return to the origin” in Japanese which represents the return of fortune and safe return to home.

The three-dimensional bronze tsuba (鐔) has an extraordinary shape, unlike others. It features the lotus flower, a symbol of purity - rising and blooming amidst the murk of its environment, to transform into a beautiful pure flower. And like the lotus, this analogy draws parallels to one’s spiritual growth.

The brown tsukaito (柄糸) and sage-o (下げ緒) is of premium silk and matches harmoniously within the matte earth-tone shades saya (鞘). The earth element represents mother nature with its feminine qualities; nurture, stability and strength.

The hand-forged clay tempered 1095 High Carbon Steel blade is hand polished in the Shinogi Zukuri Style. The same-kawa (鮫皮) wrapped around the tsuka(柄) is of genuine ray skin.


  •          Blade Length: 75cm
  •          Overall Length: 105cm
  •          Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon Steel
  •          Polishing: Hand Polish
  •          Temper: Clay Tempered
  •          Bo Hi: No
  •          Hamon: Genuine



  •          Serialised Limited-Edition certificate
  •          Wooden box with engraved Zen Logo and serial number
  •          Lacquered 1-layer sword stand with engraved Zen logo and serial number
  •          Customised sword bag with embroidered Zen logo
  •          Maintenance Kit

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Limited Edition Zen by CAESARS

Limited Edition Zen by CAESARS

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