Fighting Han Jian 战锋汉剑



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The Han sword, as the name suggests, is the steel sword that flourished in the Han Dynasty. Since the development of the iron smelting industry in the Han Dynasty broke through the length limit of the bronze sword, the sword body of the Han sword became thinner and narrower and the blade was sharper. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the steel sword completely replaced the bronze sword.

As the last battlefield sword, the Han sword occupies an irreplaceable position in the history of Chinese swords. The design itself embodies the rough and atmospheric style of the Qin and Han Dynasties. The straight blade is for righteousness, and the long and narrow blade is for domineering.

Overall (with scabbard): 95 cm
Length (without scabbard): 91 cm
Blade Length: 66 cm
Handle Length: 23 cm
Blade Width: 3.8 cm
Blade Thickness: 0.9 cm
Weight (with scabbard): 2.1 kg
Weight (without scabbard): 1.36 kg
Damascus folded steel
Heated treated and oil quenched blade
8,192 layers of steel with clearly visible hada
Fully hand sharpened double-blade edge
Top quality black ebony scabbard and handle
Pure brass fittings with beautiful engraving patterns

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Fighting Han Jian 战锋汉剑

Fighting Han Jian 战锋汉剑

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