Chinese Liberation Sword



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This sword embodies the efforts of the leaders of the military and Hanwei. The overall tone of gold and red symbolizes the Chinese tradition. The shape of wheat ears means the prosperity of the motherland. The center pattern of the outfit is a peaceful olive branch surrounded by a red zircon five-pointed star, forming a solemn and elegant visual center, which not only reflects the concept of the Chinese People's Liberation Army's new style of dressing, but also elaborates on the theme of mightiness, dignity and peace. The first No. 000 New Century Army Salute has been collected by the Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Museum.

High-carbon steel blade forging, combining international heat treatment technology and isothermal quenching process, perfectly realizes the combination of hardness, toughness and elasticity. The surface of the blade is baked with sapphire and blue gold pattern decoration, which is artificially polished and polished, and it nourishes the noble temperament in the strict and sharp. The gold pattern on the sapphire blue background is a long-lost palace sword-making process. Hanwei has successfully reproduced this precious legacy with modern technology and independent innovation capabilities, and is known as unique in the world. The ornamental patterns are dragons and olive branches, representing the Chinese nation that loves peace and is endless. Comprehensive international command knife structure formula, Chinese traditional sword making essence and innovative design. The hand guards and sheaths are all made of brass, precision casting with dewaxing method, three-dimensional modeling, 24K gold plating, inlaid with zircon; hardwood handle covered with natural shark skin; knife band and pendant are made of silk by hand; Polished stainless steel production, coupled with a unique sapphire blue gold pattern decoration, all the craftsmanship perfectly guarantee the supreme status of the new century military salute in the world.

Overall: 92cm
Blade Length: 88cm
Handle: 13cm
Blade Weight: 900g
Weight: 1200g
Blade: Carbon Steel, HRC53-57

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Chinese Liberation Sword

Chinese Liberation Sword

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