Tao Tie Sword (饕餮剑)



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Taotie (饕餮, tāo tiè) is one of the Four Perils (四凶), a malevolent being in Chinese mythology. It was being described as a gluttonous beast and to use it on human beings, someone who covets power and wealth.

Despite its negative connotation, "It is hard to explain what is implied in this, as so many myths concerning the taotie have been lost, but the indication that it eats people accords fully with its cruel, fearful countenance. To alien clans and tribes, it symbolized fear and force; to its own clan or tribe, it was a symbol of protection. This religious concept, this dual nature, was crystallized in its strange, hideous features. What appears so savage today had a historical, rational quality in its time." - quoted Li Zehou

Overall: 62cm
Blade Length: 41cm
Handle Length: 16cm
Blade Width: 3.5cm
Blade Steel: Folded Steel
Handle: Ebony
Saya: Ebony
Ito & Sageo: Black cotton belt
Blade Edge: Sharpened
Fittings: Bronze

*Display stand not included.

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Tao Tie Sword (饕餮剑)

Tao Tie Sword (饕餮剑)

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