Yu Pi Xiao Jin Fu 鱼皮小金福



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The second word of 蝙蝠 (Biānfú) in Mandarin or “Pin Fuk” (蝙蝠) in Cantonese are homonymous to 福 (fú or fuk) which means blessing. As such, bat has come to symbolise good luck or good fortune in Chinese culture.

For instance, it is common to see carving of bat motif on a jade pendant that is usually given as a blessing charm.

Overall: 62cm
Blade Length: 47cm
Handle: 15cm
Blade Width: 2.9cm
Blade Thickness: approx 0.8cm
Weight: 1070g (including scabbard)
Steel: Hand-forged pattern steel

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Yu Pi Xiao Jin Fu 鱼皮小金福

Yu Pi Xiao Jin Fu 鱼皮小金福

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