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The blade is basically the famous ìSiruPateî version; slim and light, that makes the knife more practical because of itís handy weight. It is also semi-polished at the same time to furnish an attractive look and to avoid quick rusting. The handle is the copy of ëBahadurí khukuri knife from KHHIís product line, which actually is a copied version of the famous ìCutleryís knivesî. The flat tang goes all the way through the handle and metal rivets are fitted to strengthen the fittings. The two horn plates are first firmly glued to the tang by using epoxy and 3 x rivets are fitted to secure the entire handle fixture. A see-through hole at the end of the handle supports a leather cord (lanyard) for the user to belt around his wrist. This prevents from dropping the knife by the user in case his hand gets sweaty or slippery. The front portion of the handle (contour and curving) is made to craft the best possible comfort grip for work. It is also unpolished so a sturdy and steady grip is possible.

The scabbard also differs from the regulars. It is one of its very strong points. Unlike other kukrisí sheath, 2 mm ALL leather is used to make its sheath ñ simple and strong - intended to make the kukri as light and easy handling as possible and effortless carry-able at the same time. Traditional wooden frame is discarded and replaced by this thick leather, as shown in the inset. The handle belt strap fitted to lock the handle simply makes carrying easier and running swifter. Brass rivets are positioned in the vital parts to ensure that the sheath remains together forever. Similarly, a lanyard loop along with a thigh leather cord is secured at the tip of the sheath to tie around thigh portion in order to prevent wobbling even when the carrier is in speed motion.

All these special and unique features of this knife make it a genuine, efficient hunting and trekking kukri. The ultimate hunting knife for you, ìbe the HUNTER not the HUNTEDî.

  • Blade Length:27cm
  • Thickness: 7.5mm approx. 
  • Actual Weight: 500 grams 
  • Overall Weight: 650 grams 
  • Function: Domestic Use, Hunting, Indoor, Military, Outdoor, Regular work, Trekking 
  • Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal 
  • Blade Finishing: Semi-Polish 

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Sirupate Special (Hunter)

Sirupate Special (Hunter)

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