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The small size of the Pocket Panawal (PP) makes it very easy to go inside the pocket of your wear, backpack or even gears for your trip into nature, wilderness and unfamiliar terrains. 

Small and useful, strong and mobile, complete and compact, real and cute, PP is especially forged for those who wants to be secured.

The panel of the blade of the Pocket Panawal is semi-fullered for durability, strength and to take out unwanted weight.
It is also the display of ability of a skilled craftsman. The Panawal handle from where the PP gets its name is another important feature of the knife in which the full flat tang reinforced by rivets and thick metallic butt cap gives PP the perfect lasting handle for years.
Hence it is also a mini whacker. Its unpolished horn handle provides a better, not-slippery grip. The highly polished blade gives a dashing look to the knife.

Special embossed buffalo hide is used to make PPís scabbard.
Soft and durable, unlike the regular scabbards, the leather prevents the blade from getting scratches while drawing in and out.

A lanyard loop is also fitted in the tip.
Materials / Features:
Special black buffalo leather scabbard, Unpolished Panawal Horn Handle

  • Blade Length: 10cm 
  • Thickness: 5mm approx. 
  • Actual Weight: 75 grams
  • Overall Weight: 100 grams 
  • Function: Gift, Indoor, Outdoor, Trekking 
  • Origin: KHHI, Kathmandu, Nepal 
  • Blade Finishing: Mirror Polish

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Pocket Panawal (Traveller)

Pocket Panawal (Traveller)

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