Tri Angkhola (Masterx Work)


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KHHI's after the huge success of great classic kukris like the “King Prithivi” and “MK Angkhola” comes up with yet another design and creates this superb kukri knife. It’s a hacking, whacking, stabbing, slicing etc you name it. With its unique 3 (tri) x chirra in blade and tall bevel the kukri is truly a master’s creation built for the ultimate satisfaction. Now finally getting officially released only today, ie, 7th June 2017, due to overwhelmed pre-launch orders which pushed back the release date by 3 months, clearly speaks for the class this knife truly holds.

Exquisite and ergonomic shaped with no shoulder (peak) having a smooth and gentle flow, blended with 2 subtle chirras (fullers) in upper section and 1 semi-chirra (fuller) in lower section, merged with resolute tall elongated bevel for bigger impact; raw and brute; solid power and extremely well balanced weight/feel, defines the blade of the KHHI Tri Angkhola. Where as in another hand - gentle inward curved, simple full tang wood material, extremely durable and comfortable that is crafted well proportionate to the blade, speaks for the khukuri’s simple yet classic type of handle this khukuri integrates.

This Tri Angkhola is an ultimate cutting kukri knife designed by KHHI is handforged HC5160 steel to perfection. It is one of the most beautiful KHHI's kukri due to the attractive chirra/fuller in the blade, which is one of the unique among the Nepalese kukri avaialble sale in Khukuri house, Nepal. Its among the beauty and the beast.

Blade Steel: HC5160 handmade
Blade: 13" approx (33cm)
Handle: about 5" (12.7cm) Rosewood (carved) gentle inward curved
Thickness/Spine: 8.5 mm approx. around bolster (distal taper)
Widest = 55 mm approx.
Narrowest = 35 mm approx.
Weight: 625 gms approx (v effective and balanced weight)
Raw Black finishing
Tang type: Stick
Fixture: Iron
Edge grinding: Convex
Edge Hardness: 55-57 hrc
Blade (panel) Grinding: Chirra

Materials / Features: Traditional black leather sheath with Vertical carriage frog, WOOD handle
Origin: KHHI, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Tri Angkhola (Masterx Work)

Tri Angkhola (Masterx Work)

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