American Eagle Freedom


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“We have freed the Eagle kukri...”

An exciting and exaggerated name, “American Eagle” is given to denote the specialty of the knife as a signifier of one of the world’s most respected and feared predators that is also the symbol of freedom to Americans and others. The “Bald Eagle” found in the US land is the influential factor for the name and look of this kukri because of the eagle’s supremacy, amazement, ferocity and more importantly its use as an icon of the world’s most powerful word “FREEDOM”.


The blade is the same as the most famous and legendary kukri the “World War”. The shape of the knife is the old Gurkha Army model that was believed to have been used in world war days particularly in the 2nd world war. The blade is highly polished to prevent from getting rust and to look better.

 The handle is improvised with a unique and outstanding protective handle; designed to safe guard user’s hand at all times. The handle also facilitates a wrist-loop belt to go through its hole (lanyard) to ensure that the kukri is never dropped. The name “Eagle” is also well supported by the handle itself as it appears to be like that of the head of the eagle (Beak Head and Eyes) when observed closely.

The full flat tang (Panawal version) reinforced with silver (aluminum) rivets is another significant aspect of the Eagle Kukri’s handle that furnishes a long-lasting and heavy-duty handle.


Materials / Features:

  •          Blade Length: 26cm
  •          Special leather scabbard
  •          Indian rosewood Eagle handle
  •          Extra polished blade

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American Eagle Freedom

American Eagle Freedom

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