Paper Kukri (Cute)



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Used as letter opener or paper cutter, an ingredient for your office desktop. Probably the smallest and most famous utility kukri knife ever made.

The blade is the replica of the original Gurkha kukri. It is identical to Service No.1 Kukri (current issue) issued to the Gurkhas in shape and look however made in very small size.

It is designed as a letter opener or a paper cutter; an ingredient for one's office desktop. It also makes an ideal gift and a perfect souvenir from Nepal to take back home because of its very cute look and little-easy size.

Likewise, its easy-to-carry feature makes it extremely handy and favorite amongst visiting tourists.


 Materials / Features:

Water buffalo leather scabbard, horn/rosewood handle, solid brass blade

• Blade Length:10cm

• Function: Collection, Gift, Indoor, Show piece

• Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal

• Blade Finishing: Polish

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Paper Kukri (Cute)

Paper Kukri (Cute)

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