Aitihasik (Gorkhali Sainik)


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"Aitihasik", historic or antique is the legend of all kukris that has a proud historic significance in Nepal.

It is actually the replicated version in style, shape and size of the original kukri that was issued to the “Gorkhali Army” in the 18th century.

The Gorkhali Army or famously known as the “Gurkhas” is the first recognized and documented Arm Force of Nepal that was started by King Prithivi Narayan Shah from Gorkha who went to war with a mission to unite all scattered kingdoms into one.

The strong military force armed with kukris, spears, swords and few pump guns conquered all kingdoms and united them into one kingdom, one nation in 1768 AD, which later became Nepal. The Gorkhali Army not only united Nepal but also prevented the British from invading the country who had already taken over India then.

The famous battle of “Nalapani” in Deheradun of India, commanded by the great general Bhakti Thapa (also shown in the khukuri picture) from Gorkha’s side, witnessed the Aitihasik kukri in full action.

This khukuri played such a vital and successive role and King Prithivi was so impressed that he later named some of his regiments after its name like the Narasingha Kukri Brigade, Kaalbhairab 1st Khukuri Brigade to name a few. The glory of Gorkha, Gurkhas and Kukri started from this era…

 Blade Length: 33cm

*Display stand not included.

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Aitihasik (Gorkhali Sainik)

Aitihasik (Gorkhali Sainik)

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