2013 Standard Issue (Original Gurkha Knives)


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As you know by now there are two khukuris issued to a soldier - one is the Service No.1 or the Parade knife (British Gurkhas Parade, BGP) and the other is the Service No.2 or the Exercise knife (British Gurkhas Exercise, BGE).
Both blades are exactly same and identical to the 2012 Standard Issue and quite similar to its original version issued in late 1980ís called the ìService No.1 (Sarkhari Kukri)î.
Like the original, it has a regular military (service) shape (that can be seen in the photo) and has water buffalo horn handle attached with brass fixtures.
The blade and handle are both done finely and well polished to give an attractive look. Both knives come with two small accompanying knives called Karda (small utility knife) and Chakmak (sharpener).
Both also come with military style frog with two belt loops at the back and lace-up style at the front. The only thing differentiating Service No.1 or the Parade knife (BGP) and Service No.2 or the Exercise knife (BGE) is the scabbard it comes with.
BGP has shiny patent leather sheath (see photo) and hence carried for parade, on duty and on ceremonial occasions where as BGE has Normal black leather sheath (water buffalo hide) and hence used as a tactical knife and carried for training, exercise and even for combat.

Both Gurkha Knives are original and made for the official ìRecruit Intake 2013 of the Brigade of Gurkhas of the British Army.

  • Blade Length: 26cm
  • Thickness: 10mm approx.
  • Actual Weight: 675 grams
  • Overall Weight: 825 grams
  • Function: Combat, Defending, Gift, Jungle warfare, Military, Regular work, Show Piece
  • Origin: Kathmandu, Nepal

*Display stand not included.

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2013 Standard Issue (Original Gurkha Knives)

2013 Standard Issue (Original Gurkha Knives)

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