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Most Nepalese are devoted and practicing Hindu since generations and ritual beliefs still go strong even today. Similarly, it would be fair to say that the kukri has also been contributing to all Nepalese to performing some of the religious act of Hinduism. One of the rituals and traditions of Nepalese has a religious ceremony of beheading domestic animals as an offering to the goddess “Durgamata” during the main Nepalese festival, the “Dashain”. This is where the 18” kukri chiefly comes into play, where it reveals its identity, where it demands a kill and respect as a true slaughter-house.

The ceremony is performed after going through all the rituals and the beheading must be done in one clean stroke otherwise it is believed to bring ill fortune. This is where the 18” Panawal Kukri is commonly brought into practice because of it awesome strength and ability. The alarming size and tremendous force of the knife generates a deadly force which would kill a prey in a single stroke. Such is the impact and ferocity of the kukri, crafted to assault, defend and defy.

The 18” Panawal titled as “No Mercy” is the large version of the famous Panawals that is mercilessly and massively used for heavy duty cutting work. This unpolished 18” bladed Panawal kukri is on very high demand for jungle use for clearing bushes, cutting branches, hacking logs etc, just like a typical Machete.

Materials / Features:

  •          Blade Length: 46cm
  •          Water buffalo leather scabbard
  •          Indian rosewood riveted full flat tang handle
  •           2 x accompanying knives

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18" Panawal

18" Panawal

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