Chōju Katana (長寿) Unokubi-Zukuri



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The blade has been handmade with 1095 high carbon steel, hammered out so that the carbon is evenly distributed throughout the blade for a consistent hardness. The blade also features a kissake, hamon, and comes with a thin edge already sharpened. This sword comes with full tang. In accordance with Japanese tradition, the blade has been treated with a clay covering, applied to the entire sword except the cutting edge. The blade is heated and quenched in spring water. The combination of the quenching and the clay cover creates a significant temperature difference in the Ha of the blade and the rest of the sword. The hamon is authentic all the way up to the tip. This blade has a shape in "Unokubi-Zukuri" style, there are two Hi(blood groove) on each side, one is longer and shallow which is from habaki to kissaki, one is shorter and deep which is from habaki to the middle of the blade. This not only allows for a lighter blade and audible feedback when swung. but also can balance the blade to achieve optimal performance. The Habaki is a single piece brass construction fitted over a copper Seppa. The Tsuba(guard) itself is brass with shrimp design. The tsuka(handle) has very tight hinerimaki (handle wrapping) using red synthetic ito over white genuine samegawa ray skin. The menuki are brass gold colored shrimp. Another Seppa secures the Tsuba to the Tsuka of the sword. This katana comes with a white high gloss finished hard wooden saya(sheath), the sageo is made of red synthetic silk and tied over the bright copper Kurigaga (knob). It is a very good choice not only for dojo and iaido use,but also for gifts, cutting practice, display, and collection.

- Ito (Handle Wrap): Black
- Saya (Sheath): Deep Red with Speckle
- Sageo (Saya Cord): Black
Overall: 40.9" (103.9cm)
Blade Length: 27.7" (70.4cm)
Handle: 10.5" (26.7cm)

- AISI 1095 high carbon steel
- Traditional construction Built for cutting
- Hand polished and hand sharpened
- Differentially Clay tempered and water quenched
- Comes with a O-kissaki and full blade
- "Unokubi-Zukuri" style blade
- Two HI(blood groove) on each side of the blade
- Shrimp design brass tsuba(guard)
- White genuine Ray skin Samegawa
- Very Tight Hineri-maki wrap Handle
- Red synthetic silk tsuka-ito and sageo
- Two copper shrimp design menuki on the tsuka(handle)
- White high gloss finished hard wooden saya
- Double Pinned Bamboo Mekugi(peg)
- Brass habaki and seppa
- Can be fully disassembled and assembled
- Can cut the bamboo trees(fresh),tatami or slice paper

*Display stand not included.

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Chōju Katana (長寿) Unokubi-Zukuri

Chōju Katana (長寿) Unokubi-Zukuri

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