About Us

Since 2000, CAESARS is one of Asia’s most exclusive retailer and distributor for premium weaponry collectibles.  As the purveyor of exquisite armoury, CAESARS has more than 1,000 different products such as armours, guns, swords, miniature collectibles and many more.

As pioneers in this niche industry, CAESARS offers a one-stop service and product destination for elite collectors who savour and celebrate cultured designs of fine iconic weaponry masterpieces.  To expect the unexpected, the vast collection of CAESARS can satisfy your desire to own a unique item.

CAESARS endeavours to grow and scale our dynamic collection, attaining applaudable achievements of international museum standards while maintaining a keen eye in curating craftmanship.  Our pieces can range from intricate miniatures to magnificent pieces forged by renowned swordsmiths, collectively admired by collectors and industry professionals.

With almost two decades of expertise, we understand a collector’s expectation and desire.  Our pursuit for excellence spills over into educating the public on the rich history of our collection as well as responsible weaponry ownership. 

At CAESARS, there will certainly be something for everyone. Let us navigate you through this journey of weaponry appreciation.

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri : 12 noon to 10 pm
Weekends/ Public holiday: 11 am to 10 pm