Modern Home in Hobbiton

Published On: Wednesday, August 1, 2018      Category: Members Home

Be inspired and turn your collections into part of your daily life.

Modern Home in Hobbiton

Behold the fabulous display of our prestigious member, a huge Lord of the Rings fan whose collection started from 2009. A man of passion who chased his dream and turned this hobby into an integral part of his lifestyle.

Together with his wife, who has a passion for shoes, this couple has turned their Scandinavian style home into a charming love nest.

From his first armament, the famed Anduril of Aragorn, to one of his latest acquisition, the Hobbit Mirkwood Polearm, the past decade has been a journey that had him amassed an arsenal that would even be the envy of the Gondorian army.

With a huge collection of swords, helmets and armour from Lord of the Rings to The Hobbit, every homecoming is truly a magical experience.