Kihon Series By CAESARS

Published On: Tuesday, June 14, 2016      Category: Product Highlight

Kihon Series by CAESARS

Kihon (基本,きほん), a Japanese term meaning “fundamental”, is Caesars latest range of Japanese swords. This series offer basic fittings without compromising on blade quality. An ideal choice for the first time collector.




  • Machine-cut blade in dual blade style;
  • Wire brushed hamon (temper line);
  • Zinc alloy sword fittings;
  • Man-made ray-skin handle wrap;
  • Traditional handle wrapped style in cotton tsuka-ito;
  • Single-peg handle for safety handling;
  • Lacquered glossy finish scabbard


Kihon Katanas now comes in five distinct themes. Matching wakizashi is available in selected themes.