Tameshigiri by Shinkendo Shimbukan Singapore

Published On: Monday, July 16, 2018      Category: General

Tameshigiri by Shinkendo Shimbukan Singapore

CAESARS, being one of Asia's most exclusive retailer and distributor for premium weaponry collectibles no doubt meets people from all walks of life.  You will be surprised at the number of people who are actually passionate about weaponry. Be it the young cosplayers, passionate collectors or martial art practitioners, we are always delighted to interact with these people.

Study of Japanese Swordsmanship became very popular in the twenty-first century, but qualified schools and instructors are rare. Recently, we felt honoured to be invited to a live tameshigiri session conducted by Shinkendo Shimbukan Singapore. It was a great experience to view our swords being used in action, at the hands of the professionals. The swords just came to life under the hands of these practitioners.


Disclaimer & Legal Notices: DO NOT attempt Tameshigiri/Test-Cutting on your own without any qualified edged-weapons training AND certified Instructors present from an Internationally-recognized Swordsmanship Association/Federation.

Pictures and videos are courtesy of Shinkendo Shimbukan Singapore.