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During WWII the small cramped fighting conditions inside a tank conditions coupled with the jarring movements of the machine demanded a special type of head protection. The United Stated developed a special American Tanker helmet that was light weight, provided cushioning without the clanging of steel on steel, but could be used with goggle and headphones.

Our stunning reproduction is comprised of a hard fiber outer shell with genuine soft supple leather four point liner, leather padding, ear protectors, neck protector, brow guards, steel snaps, correct web strappings and chinstrap. Not only that, but we manufactured to fit head sizes up to US 7 1/2 (60cm)!

This is a very limited production run that will not be repeated. Buy now or regret it later.

Development & Design of the WWII Tanker Helmet M-1938 -

As stated in the patent application, the primary design objectives of the Tank Helmet were to provide:

  • An efficient, light-weight protective helmet that is comfortable, snug-fitting, and well ventilated.
  • A protective helmet that can be removed and installed quickly and without the necessity of manipulating or adjusting a chin strap, or equivalent device.
  • A helmet that is equipped with a means of novel construction for holding ear phones in proper position and in comfortable relationship with the user's ears.

The most distinctive new feature of the M-1938 tanker helmet relative to the previous versions was the leather ear flap assembly. The ear flap extended well below the wearers ear and contained an ingenious flexible housing for retaining the ear phones in their proper position. The ear phones fit into a slot in the leather flap, and a thin leather fastening piece snapped over the ear phone to hold it in place. This leather fastening piece could be adjusted forward or backward via three metal snap fasteners to position the ear phone directly over the users ears. A curved leather-covered metal spring arm extended downward from the helmets fiber shell and exerted tension on the ear phone to hold the ear flap assembly snugly against the users ear. The spring arm was mounted on a swivel to allow it to be placed in a variety of positions, depending upon the users needs and accessory equipment.

The ear flaps were also secured in place on the lower edges by an elasticized strap that connected through the rear fiber neck guard to fasteners at the bottom of each ear flap. The ear flaps fit snugly but comfortably, and without the use of chin straps, the helmet could be put on or taken off very easily.

M-1938 tank helmets were introduced to the Armored Corps in 1941, even though the patent was not technically accepted until 12 May 1942. Manufacturing rights were granted to Rawlings Manufacturing Corporation, Sears Saddlery Company, Wilson Athletic Goods Manufacturing Company, and A.G. Spaulding & Brothers. Though essentially built to the same specifications, there were slight variations across the four manufacturers in terms of small details.

Disclaimer: CAESARS does not, in any way, endorse the ideals of the Third Reich or any parties. We do not support war or violence and neither are we supporters of any. These materials are intended for the use of serious collectors and re-enactors only.

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U.S. WWII M-1938 Tanker Helmet

U.S. WWII M-1938 Tanker Helmet

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