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In Japanese the word “Peace” is written as 平 (Hei) 和 (Wa). Where “Hei” means flat, like the surface of an undisturbed pond and “Wa” means tranquility, as one would find in a quiet forest.

Here at CAESARS, we have launched a new line of katanas, the Heiwa Series, to celebrate the pillars that uphold peace. Each katana in the series is designed after a virtue. Forged with the durability of the human spirit. Their edges honed match the sharpness of the mind. Their metal tempered with the strength of character. The blade polished to a mirror-finish, reflecting the light of the soul.

Be it in bringing society together through thick and thin. Or helping one achieve inner tranquillity as we find our way through life. These katanas serve as a reminder of the harmony we strive for and the cornerstones that contribute towards it as we progress towards a better future.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items